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Frequently Asked Question

This addresses the most common questions members have.

Download our complete help guide on this link.

1. CFCA Adelaide website membership

  • Membership allows access to exclusive pages, events, files, blogs and forums that is only intended for CFCA Adelaide members.

2. Member sign up

  • Recommended: Using Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser in your PC or Laptop, go to our website | CFC Adelaide ( Click “Log In”.

  • Using browsers in mobile phones i.e. Safari from Iphone, you need to click the burger icon to see “Log In” menu. From the "Log In" menu click "Sign Up".

  • See step by step guide on this link.

3. Website services

  • Dedicated pages per ministry to provide a one source of information.

  • Events management that can provide registration services.

  • Forum platform to be able to have a place where different groups in our community can interact privately. (like Facebook Messenger)

  • Blog capability where certain ministries require regular posting of messages to members. i.e. monthly broadcast from Pastoral Care & Support Ministry.

  • File share management which can help managed our documents i.e. formation and training materials or newsletter.

  • Meetings calendar page dedicated for publishing household meetings schedule per chapter group. ​

4. Spaces by Wix - mobile application (Optional use)

  • This is mainly use for members interaction. This functions like Facebook messenger, events and group.

  • Download Spaces by Wix app on your mobile phones. and use your same website log in details.

  • This only displays Forum, Events, Blog, Gallery and Group. It does not publish other pages available in the website. 

  • Click "My Sites" at the bottom of the screen. Click "CFCA Adelaide section" to gain access on our contents.

  • See step by step guide on this link.

5. Posting messages to our Bulletin/Blog

  • Request Blog Editor access role

  • See step by step guide on this link.

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