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October 2022 (Multiply)

”But as for you, be fruitful and multiply”. Gen9:7

General Reflection:

Our calling is to be ‘Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth’. This means to build the Kingdom of God with Jesus as the King. In the New Evangelization called for by St Pope John Paul II, he called us to bring lapsed Catholics back into the heart of the Church. We do this by inviting couples, young people, single men and women to our CLPs, Youth and Kids Camps and eventually to our community. But we too must work hard in bringing back to our community who had left and for those who have been inactive, to participate again in the life of our community.

Jesus have given us talents, to some ten, to others 5 and others 1. The question is, how have we used these talents, did we make them multiply or simply buried them in the ground?

Let’s reflect on this in relation to our work of evangelization and mission work. Have we multiplied, by how much?

Think of those you know who have left the Church or have been inactive for some time?

Will you invite them to your next CLP?

How about our former members who have left our community or those who have been inactive?

Will you reach out to them, invite them back to our community, and for those inactive members, encourage them to actively participate again in the life of our community?

Personal Reflection:

Do I know and understand the goals, objectives, plans and strategies of my Chapter or Ministry this year (2022)? Will I actively and to what extent will I support and work with my leaders to achieve all the goals, objectives, plans and strategies set by my Chapter or Ministry for 2022?

As a leader, am I willing to carry out the plans and strategies to achieve all the goals and objectives of my Chapter or Ministry for 2022?

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